“With the celebrations and reflections around the 30th anniversary of our original business, we have been thinking about where the company came from, how we are essentially a family run business that has long held core ideals about the environment, community and social impacts. On top of this we have a relatively young workforce, to whom these social matters are important. So, it is only natural that these things formed part of our culture and have always played a part of what we do across all of our brands and divisions. During 2017 we plan to put in place more formalised and consistent practices across our business, and we are excited about working with our employees to enhancing our social responsibility footprint.”
– Matt Hill, CEO


As a company with a focus on youth culture, a sustainable approach has long been part of our common workplace practices across our global operations. This includes the following general policies and practices, many of which we are continuing to develop:



From the company’s earliest origins, there has been a philosophy in place to repurpose existing buildings rather than brand new development for our facilities. Globe International’s Melbourne headquarters in Port Melbourne is an exemplar of this with the recycling of a disused and dilapidated warehouse into modern offices and warehousing. Guiding the new fit out was both the re-use of existing materials on site and infrastructure from previous offices.


Our People

At Globe we are committed to providing a safe and all-inclusive workplace for our employees. Each of our offices has a comprehensive health and safety program and we take seriously our policies with regards to equal opportunity and harassment.

Our company has its roots as a family business and as part of that tradition, favour developing and promoting our junior staff to see them grow as part of our business, rather than recruiting externally for senior roles.

Globe International has long sought to be a desired employer of first choice in its industry, and our ability to achieve this is evidenced by the loyalty of many of the company’s long term staff and a relatively low rate of staff turnover.

Supply Chain

The vast majority of the products sold by the Company are manufactured in mainland China with long standing third party supplier partners. The Company’s Ethical Sourcing Policy sets out the minimum standards we expect from our suppliers and they are required to sign-off on this policy before trade commences. In addition, our sourcing employees are required to sign-off a similar policy requiring them to report back to management any work-practices that they observe which do not meet our expected standards. Our employees and suppliers are reminded annually of our minimum standards and their obligations in this area, particularly in relation to our policies around banning both child and forced labour along with the requirement to provide a safe workplace for all.

Our skateboard and skate hardware components are manufactured at our dedicated partner facility, DSM, in China. This state of the art facility has continuously invested heavily to improve employee conditions along with a range of enhancements to maintain workplace safety. Employee conditions and workplace safety have been audited by third-party specialists using a Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) report and minor corrective recommendations actioned, resulting in full compliance with the Ethical Trading Initiative’s (ETI) base code & local laws.


Beginning with the Company’s Australian founders in the late 1970s, there has been a long tradition of promoting skateboarding talent and facilities. Globe International has continually invested in and encouraged the provision of skateboarding infrastructure, support of the annual Go Skateboarding Day and the development of junior skateboarding and surfing in Australasia, North America and Europe. We believe that the provision of skateboarding facilities is a valuable outlet for young people and our executives and employees have spent many hours working behind the scenes with local councils to improve the provision of skate parks, particularly in Australia.

Globe International has a long track record of donating product to charity groups and local community organisations throughout our operating regions and we are in the process of introducing a staff volunteer leave scheme in 2017.